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RMS crest

Rutland Middle School's Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is a shield with pictures and designs symbolic of family history and distinctions. The Rutland Middle School Coat of Arms incorporates student and faculty ideas that are represented by symbols of what is important in our school.

Helmet or helm: wisdom, security, strength
Compass: direction
Chess Rook: strategic thinking
Scroll/Parchment/Diploma: academic, scholarly achievement
Winged Foot: athletics
Dolphin: diligence, love, charity, and a kind affection toward children
Wavy Lines: sea or water
Ivy Leaves: strong and lasting friendship
Peacock Feather: beauty, power, and knowledge
Torch: truth and intelligence/life
Flaming Torch: education, science, learning/pioneering spirit and outlook
"Our Eye Is On Excellence" in Latin

Gold - generosity and elevation of the mind
Silver or White - peace and sincerity
Blue - truth and loyalty
Green - hope, joy, and loyalty
Black - constancy
Orange -worthy ambition

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